Voice Recognition
Taking over?

Yves van Boxtel

Founder of Y-ise
Digital Marketing

About voice recognition

Let’s start this week of with voice search, it becomes more and more powerful. As we go along, many pages want to be ranked for it and it is starting to become genuinely usable as well.

This morning I searched for “Max Verstappen Barcalone Testing” by voice and immediately got the following article.

Which to be quite frank is very impressive. Not so long ago and not on all devices and in all circumstances voice recognition is that accurate or tuned to the human interpretation of voice.

An example of voice recognition gone wrong is Jeremy Clarkson’s spoken text message to his daughter.

More and more people use a personal assistant such as Cortana or Siri for playing songs on their phones, navigating home, calling certain people and texting.

Now also search engines are using more and more voice. As a digital marketer, I find it interesting how these things evolve. In the early days of Google, typing a string of words seemed to just give you a gibberish result in the early days of voice it was hard to be understood at all, but now it is being used more and more.

It has something to do with the technical features of our devices as well, now almost every device has a microphone and camera, no firmware to install before using it et cetera. Instead of texting by WhatsApp I get voice messages from my friends, quite frankly it is quicker and takes less effort than typing.

Where will this lead us in the future, well I can say as much as that most probably the voice sector is only going to grow and online marketers will have to start taking note of voice commands in their efforts to be found better online. Predictions are that about half of the searches will be in.. voice by 2022

My top tip, try it, use it and try wrapping your head around why this is the future of search,… or not..