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    There are millions of searches performed on Google every day. It would be great to make use of this for your own SEO wouldn’t it? Using Google trends can help you punch up your ranking, targeting your preferred audience better and, understand what the world is searching for right now.

    Find out what people want to know about, by using this useful tool called Google Trends.

    Google Trends has  a “story-centric” homepage, it collects data from around the google network such as Google search and Youtube and ranks this according to popularity per day, and even per hour. The question now is how can I use the trends on my website or blog?

    In order to answer this question I will take a recent example of Google Trends in the USA. Related to the Clinton v Trump debate, to spice this post up a little bit. 

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    For those not familiar with the US presidential candidates.

    Donald Trump is a right winged politician, TV personality, Businessman and Billionaire running for president of the United States of America.

    Hillary Clinton is the wife of former president Bill Clinton (who sadly became more known for his affair with an intern than for the things he did as a president). She is also running for president in the United States of America.

    Faster speed

    Getting back to the topic, Google trends can show a lot of information about many topics. Focussing on the presidential elections and the debates between Clinton and Trump, it offers many interesting statistics. Such as the ranking of keywords during the last debate. As shown in the graph below.

    Now in order to use this, if you are for example creating a website about the presidential elections in the USA you can use key words related to the debate, to the candidates but moreover you get an insight in what the popularity of searches are. For example: Who will win the presidential elections.

    As one can see from this graph, knowing that the debate was on the 19th of October there is a tremendous spike in searches for this question when the debate is going on/is just over. Anticipating on this trend one can use this question and keywords related to that to post before the next debate for example (if there will still be one).

    This way you can see trends coming before they happen, planning your content calendar in advance.

    By typing in a keyword you can spot new and related issues which the KeyWord planner would have missed, you can spot growing trends and create content or just get the phrasing your website right.

    Adapt the keywords you already have! Type your keywords into the trends, section spot the keywords that have a downward trend and maybe replace them by something that is a bit more on the rise!

    Just a short post today, now it is up to you to discover Google Trends and start working with it! 

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