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    In my career in Online marketing I’ve heard it so many times, Yves I am doing online advertising with Google Ad-Words and it is just costing me money, I see no results, where is all this money going to? Let me give you  some of the most likely answers.

    Broad keyword campaigns

    Broad keywords are expensive, and they create some problems of their own, wedding ring, engagement ring and gymnastic ring could be considered all relevant. Not cool if your advertisement is for bite-rings for babies. (fictional example here)

    Your Ad links are not targeted 

    All your Ads run to your main page, people that click on them, do not get what they want directly. – or are just researching a topic.

    Your Ads are not targeted

    Your ad tells people something about your fantastic vacuum cleaner whilst it should be the 95929 xx turbo 200 vacuum cleaner by Yourbrand. That makes it relevant to a group that is too large, specify what exact product you are offering, and you will reach a better defined target audience.

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    You are setting bids day and night?

    Will people seriously look for your product at 3:00 am ? research that, set times when Google displays your ads. 

    Wrong Key Words

    Setting the wrong or wrong type of keywords can b disastrous in AdWords – ask an expert like me, what you should and should not do. 

    Too Many Key Words

    Try to keep it specific, or you’ll be burning through your hard earned cash very quickly. The more keywords you give google to choose from the more likely your ad is to be shown to more searches, logical. The whole principle of online Advertisement is that you can pinpoint the audience to show your ads to. 

    Forgetting your own branding?

    After all those years of carefully crafting your brand, use it, add it to you keywords as well, these are the people that already know your brand and are searching for it. It would be a shame if they wouldn’t find you. 

    No negative keywording?

    This is an enjoyable one… Taking out the trash, google (especially with broad key words) tends to ad combinations it thinks are relevant to the list. This is good up to a certain point. If you are offering “sports massages” you want people to look for things such as “after sports massage” or “backpain sports massage” but you don’t want “Erotic massage” or “Erotic sports massage” despite of sounding funny, it is going to cost you money. With negative key wording you can take these kind of things out. pecific product could make the difference.

    Faster speed


    Some more things to consider if you are thinking of starting with Ad-Words. Google is always trying to promote its networks as the way to advertise on the web. Whilst this may be true, is it really the best for you? 5 Things to consider before buying into Ad-Words


    1 What is the size of your business

                   This might come as a shock, as google’s ad words promotion is full of solopreneurs making a better living with google ad-words and advertising services. But consider that size also means budget, and as most people who have tried ad-words found out budget burns pretty quickly. This is especially true on prime key words (Digital Camera, Baby toy, Amsterdam) or the most basic description of your product. Sometimes going over several euro’s per Click! To get your ad shown.

    What is the size of your business in men power ? do you have enough staff to have some on concentrating on the google part, or do you have to hire someone?

    2 What is your goal

    Set the goal of your marketing campaigns before you even start with ad-words. How many times do people start un funded, un-measured campaigns. Don’t be one of them, you could just be giving money to me! If you wish so, I’d give you my account number instead of Google’s.

    The important thing here is to have an idea of your general marketing goals, convert these into Adword goals and then start working towards that goal by creating the right campaigns, setting the right type of ad, with the right budget and measuring the results as well as adjusting to reach your marketing goal. … Too much? Need an expert, coctact Y-ise we are able to help you with this.


    3 ROI à Return on Investment.

    You invest, let’s say €75,- into Google AdWords, how are you getting this back? It should make sense to invest. Is it better to invest this €75,- in your storefront ? your general website ? or in Google AdWords. What do you get out of it in the end? Real customers, more brand awareness. Is Google the tool to use?

    4 Competition

    Who are your competitors in the real world and who are your competitors online. Moreover, how can you beat/undercut them. Study your competitors, do you have the budget to outbid them on AdWords. Are you tech savvy enough to find ways to do it better cheaper? Or is it better to spend this energy in the real world, an consider real world advertising.

     5 Time

    How much time do you want to spend on checking campaigns, researching, actively doing AdWords and analysing your campaigns and the results? If the answer is “not a lot” you better back down from AdWords, or it will just cost you money. Off course letting an expert handle this can solve your problem, this depends on your budget once again. 

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