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    About Google’s AMP

    AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

    Surfing the web can become suffering on the web. Standing at the bus stop, checking any site can become a hassle with mobile internet. Why is this so? Because over time “we” the users and creators of the internet have decided to put loads of advertising and tracking scripts into websites.

    *Y-ise Site note here: Try just for fun to install an ad-blocker and see how many ads are blocked when you visit your favourite news website

    This site in AMP? Klick

    Is it only advertisements that cause slow browsing? No, Listen up: video, audio, high res images all take up valuable loading time. Especially because you don’t get quickly to the content you want to see. 

    AMP by Google is trying to change all that, by just loading the most basic elements for faster browsing, a beter user experince with already existing techinques.

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    Does AMP change the internet landscape for real? We are not sure, but at least they are trying.

    AMP in the core of its being strips away many properties of web-pages leaving you with just enough to read/see. It makes sure the mail elements like your core text and main pictures are loaded first. It uses HTML or as Google Likes to call it AMP HTML. 

    “most tags in an AMP HTML page are regular HTML tags, some HTML tags are replaced with AMP-specific tags” 

    “These custom elements, called AMP HTML components, make common patterns easy to implement in a performant way.

    The AMP Project

    If you will it is a dressed down version of a website. Great isn’t it? Well it will be a bit of a nightmare for designers which now only have limited control over their beautiful creations. But at least users can experience faster browsing on mobile!

    We never know what Google does exactly, but for my money I would implement AMP on my website as soon as possible,… it might just give your page ranking that extra push. Also don’t forget to check my previous article on Online Marketing Fundamentals if you like to push your page rank!

     So what are the advantages?

    Instead of a user using a mobile ad blocker, they can load the AMP page: Thus content loads first and ads/3rd party scripts cookies (zombie cookies) and more load either later or don’t. This way the monetization for publishers stays in place and the user experience will be guaranteed fast! A win, win situation in many cases. 

    Faster speed

    So if you want to start with AMP as a web developer, great news, it is open source as well as being available on all platforms as it uses just a form of accepted HTML. Which makes it readily available and easy to implement. Another plus for publishers, who can remove the boundry of native apps to quickly load sites and don’t have to build for every platform for example Andriods, IOS, Blackberry and Windowsphone.

    AMP for WordPress sites?

    Yes, there are several Plugins at the moment such as: AMP and Accelerated Mobile Pages. Which is the best, you be the judge of that!

    What do I think of AMP?

    Honestly I haven’t seen many AMP Pages yet but the ones I did see load very quickly even with a bad mobile internet connection.  If AMP delivers wat it promises, it sounds very good, but when until Google starts putting it full of scripts again?

    In my opinion it is a great effort to clean up the web, get rid of all the scripts running on websites that just make them slow. Combined with less intrusive advertising, cleaner pages sounds like a good idea, back to basics.

    Will the old school version of the web will be back, where you can just surf from one page to the other finding the information you need fast and efficiently? 

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