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    Must have plugins

    “WordPress. 47,424 plugins with 1,446,229,338 total downloads are at your fingertips.” 


    So wordpress has a lot of Plugins, but which ten are really worth downloading?

    We will start off with backup plugin, no matter how many times you tell someone it is good to have a backup, I come across people who don’t almost every week. That whilst most of them are for free.. More backup tips check my wordpress post top-5-tips-backup


    A very stable backup plugin, you can direct it to save the backups in many ways, File download,FTP, Dropbox and many more sources. Download it here.

    All-in-One WP Migration

    Another plugin that can make backups of your site, this is free up to 512 Mb, can be downloaded and restored to your website in a couple of clicks. It saves your site in a .wpress file. Even if you are migrating to a brand new site you don’t need to export databases of anything just click and go. Dowload it here


    Prevent hacking robots from entering your website by adding to original google Captcha/Recaptcha to the login of your website verifying that you are a human. 
    Dowload it here

    Social Media Y-ise Online Marketing

    Wordfence Security

    Security is Key nowadays, prevent hackers jacking your site! Set the amount of logins permitted, countries login attempts may come from, block Ip addresses and so on. The plugin is very extensive, but the first set up for a safe website is childsplay. Download it here.

    Yoast SEO

    Keep a grip on your SEO, Yoast has been around for years and is one of the plugins no e-commerce website should go without! Need more online marketing tips? Visit my poste about about online marketing fundamentals. Or download the plugin here.

    Monarch Plugin

    Social media is your thing ? Good integration into your site is very important. Go get those likes and shares on Facebook! Alsco check my post about Social Media Management Tools. Youu can find a link to the Elegant themes at the bottom of the page.


    Gathering e-mail addresses for your mailing list? Use bloom to create those pop ups you get on many websites today! Does work fantastically well, also it is very easy to use! Even this you can plan with Social Media Management ToolsYouu can find a link to the Elegant themes at the bottom of the page.

    Duplicate Page

    Ever needed to duplicate a page or blog post? Duplicate post makes it easier, also if you want to do A/B testing with minor differences. Without having to manually copy every element of the website. Download the plugin.

    WP Fastest Cache

    What is everyone looking for? Right a fast site, especially that people are less patient then ever before. The average visitor to a website clicks away after just 2 or 3 seconds a couple of years ago it was still over 4 and before that over 8 seconds. So it can be very important if your site loads quickly even more so if you are running a successful blog, web shop of if your income depends on your website in any way.  Quicken up your site and download it.

    Faster speed

    Bonus +2 for multi lingual sites


    So you want to run A multilingual site? Look no Further this is he must-have plugin!

    Ad a flag menu to your site, manage your translations, set which translation belongs to which language (duhh). Last but not least, make sure that your visitors land on the right language straight away from according to what their settings say!


    Having Problems translating everything, add lingotek to your WordPress site and translate automatically. If need be, edit accordingly. This will save you a lot of time.

    SEO Bonus


    Make mobile users surf to your site quicker. This converts your website to an Google’s Accelerated Mobile page without any hassle. Want to know more about AMP check my post about AMP. You can also download it here!

    A Builder, everyone wants an easy and fast way to build beautiful sites.

    Divi Builder

    Consider the payed plugin from Elegant themes Divi builder. Whilst you’re at it, also consider the Divi Theme

    Divi Theme

    This is one of the most flexible on the web. With the new front builder this is really becoming you see what you get. The easiest to handle Theme + Builder this is almost feel like you draw something and it integrates in too your site from sketch book to website instantly.

    For Divi, The Divi Buider, Bloom and Monarch visit www.elegantthemes.com

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